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We partner to strengthen diabetes and hypertension care in low- and middle-income countries

by co-creating innovative digital solutions for improved health outcomes and stronger health systems.

We are advancing a suite of digital solutions within three focus areas: Improving early detection, strengthening health information, and enhancing learning and performance support. 

The Diabetes Compass innovates digital health solutions

The mobile app enables community-based screening of people at risk of diabetes and hypertension.  By combining a few simple questions with a waist circumference measurement and blood pressure reading, community health workers can screen for diabetes and hypertension without the need for costly blood glucose testing. This empowers community actors to screen people for free, and recommend people identified at risk to visit the nearest facility.  

This solution supports improving early detection and timely diagnosis, thus removing important barriers for access to screening and reducing risks of severe complications. 

Improving early detection

Screening App

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