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Our work in Sri Lanka

With 1 in 6 adults living with diabetes, Sri Lanka is facing substantial challenges in its healthcare landscape. The government is actively addressing this by introducing an ambitious Digital Health Blueprint.


This initiative aims to harmonize existing and future digital health efforts, enhancing healthcare delivery efficiency and ensuring top-notch patient care. Sri Lanka's commitment to adapting its health system to meet evolving needs is evident in this inspiring move.

Testimonials from Sri-Lanka partners

"The Diabetes Compass is very much in line with what we do and what we envision to do with the Digital Health Architecture Blueprint, while also supporting primary care reforms."
"For us as clinicians, it is exciting that things are evolving. There’s something on the table that we are actually trying out. I think that is a novel way of approaching things - rather than having your pre-conceived idea of what is good for a particular problem."
"We trained a lot of people, but we rarely see anybody using the techniques in actual implementation. In Diabetes Compass, I'm seeing that we are actually practicing what we teach and what we have learned. All the decisions are made based on principles and it's moving well, so it's a very good experience."
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