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Our process of co-creating digital solutions is currently underway in three low- and middle-income countries: Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Malawi. Browse below to learn more about our work in each country. 

We are launching in three countries

Strengthening community health platforms and empowering tech enabled community health workers to deliver basic NCD health services


Digitising clinical workflows for the management of diabetes and hypertension


Establishing NCD data warehouses and automating the transfer of health information from facilities to server


Improving online learning platforms for health care professionals and strengthening national capacity to design engaging digital learning experiences


The Diabetes Compass supports the digital transformation of health systems by:

Our impact is extending beyond the launch countries, and we are maturing digital public goods to the benefit of other organisations: 

Impact beyond our launch countries

Diabetes Compass is collaborating with The World Health Organisation (WHO) and University of Oslo (UiO) to improve the largest open source health information platfrom in the world (DHIS2). More than 80 countries use DHIS2 for collecting and analyzing health data. The compass initiative is one of the first instances of DHIS2 to roll out a comprehensive NCD data warehouse, this data model will soon be available globally through DHIS2.

We are working with the custodians of OpenSRP - one of the world’s most used community health platforms - to modernise the platform and improve its interoperability with national health system technologies to create more connected digital ecosystems. This improved version will be made available as an open source digital public good.

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