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Our work in Malawi

The Malawi National Digital Health Strategy 2020-2025 positions digital health at the center of attaining Universal Health Coverage with the objective to increasing access to & quality of care services and promote interoperability enabling information sharing across systems.

The Diabetes Compass initiative aims to strengthen NCD data capture, data use and data transfer at primary care level as well as national e-learning platform for HCP capacity building. As a result, we aim to improve early detection of diabetes and hypertension using community-based screening tool, strengthen health information infrastructure and use of data in healthcare facilities for case management and advance the use of national e-learning platform for continuous medical education.

Testimonials from Malawi partners

"The obvious impact we see is that so many stakeholders now realise the importance of digital health in tackling noncommunicable diseases, as well as the importance of developing interventions based on demand."
"The community members were coming out saying that this was the first time ever having such an engagement with end-users, being approached to say exactly what they need this device to look like. They said that this now removes all the misconceptions pertaining to medical devices that are kept in the communities for screening. Now community members understand exactly what it is like to be involved, instead of us bringing a product that is already made."
"We brought a different way of doing things where the community has a voice, the health care workers have a voice. That speaks the world to me."

Our partners in Malawi

Lead country & research partner

Lead implementing partner

Technical partner 

Technical partner 

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