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We develop digital public solutions that respond to locally defined challenges, focused on three areas: improving early detection, strengthening health information, and enhancing learning and performance support. 

Digital health solutions

This community-based screening app supports improving early detection and timely diagnosis, thus removing important barriers for access to screening and reducing risks of severe complications. 

Screening App

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module supports stronger health information capture, transfer and use, securing a stronger continuity of care for patients and empowering healthcare workers. 

EMR Module

The data warehouse contributes to strengthening national health systems through better use of health data. 

Data Warehouse

The learning app builds diabetes-related clinical capability among medical officers, nurses, and community health workers at the primary care level. 

Learning App

​Modernising national learning platforms supports building diabetes-related clinical capability among health care professionals by strengthening national learning centres of excellence. 

National E-Learning Platform

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