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Our work in Tanzania

Tanzania has invested significantly in strengthening NCD-related health services in primary care centers nationally. Future efforts will focus on expanding and strengthening the delivery of NCD-related health services at the community level, digitalising NCD care pathways, and creating a shared health record for every person in Tanzania.


The Diabetes Compass initiative aligns strategically with the Tanzania National Digital Health Strategy, which underscores the use of digital technologies as a pivotal element in achieving universal health coverage.  We are working with local partners to launch digital solutions that expand and standardise community- and facility-based NCD services. To reduce fragmentation, the Compass team builds on existing national platforms rather than introducing new, custom solutions. These solutions not only enhance the capture, use, and transfer of NCD data, but also improve the quality and accessibility of NCD health services while fostering/promoting information sharing across systems.

Testimonials from Tanzania partners

"Today we had visitors from an organisation. They came with whatever they wanted us to do and I told them "No, this is not the way we're supposed to work…you need to understand our context, you need to hear from us, what are our challenges. Then from there, we can work together and see how best we can address these challenges…" So, I have learned from the Diabetes Compass. It is an innovative way of implementing projects."
"There was a very good engagement of key stakeholders from the beginning. I was very happy to see the people at risk giving opinions on solution design."
"The Diabetes Compass puts at the centre the interest and the needs of the people, the challenges they have and the solutions they think can help tackle these. I've been engaged in many co-creation workshops to make sure that, at the end of the day, the intervention meets the expectations and demands of users. It attracts a lot of people to be a part of this journey."
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